All right so i am sorry to say there is a slight problem now. i found out saturday (april 20) that the majority of bands playing thought the fest was canceled or were forced to cancel because of the bureaucracy of the university whom i have to go though and work with. Because of this i was and am forced to reduce the fest to a measly one-night event as opposed to a two-night extravaganza. To all of you i apologize. However, it has been beyond difficult for me to convince anyone to play for me and thus my reaction. Which i myself am not pleased with either. One good thing that has happened is that i feel far more prepared now to do this than i did this year. What this means is that next year the fest should return to its scheduled regularity and be 2 days. The only thing that may interfere with the continuation of the fest is how people act this year. Due to the actions taken by some of the audience members watching/listening to Gordon Solie Mother Fuckers1 the university is now trying to end the student activity that runs the fest. This forces me to take what seem like drastic actions, but are the only way i am able to continue to provide all of you with the fest as an all ages show that is, hopefully, affordable and fun. This means the implementation of the following rules, not all of which are new.


i realize this last rule is painful, but remember, this show does not have bouncers. You can be on the stage. You simply CANNOT jump off the stage onto people. (or the floor, if you miss the people) The university is beyond strict about this rule and should anyone person decide to 'go against the man' or whatever you wish to call it, the show will have the power cut, everyone will be kicked out of the building, no more bands will be able to play, and the show will never be allowed to occur again. Also, the university will probably sue me. So tell your friends and help me keep these rules so maybe one day we can go back to stage diving. Thanks.

1. last year people set off fireworks, threw folding chairs and garbage cans, and swung from the chandeliers. This is a 100+ year old building. This was a bad thing to do. Don't get any ideas or do it again.

This new updated list for this year
Dead Batteries
La Mantra de Fhiqria
Vice Dolls
Criminal Authority
The Virus


If you want the list that was supposed to play this year scroll down.

Saturday - 7:00 PM
Non Fiction Noise
Punch in the Face
Authority Abuse
Vice Dolls
The Virus

Sunday afternoon - 1:00 PM
Los Jodidos
Tras De Nada
Guarda (from TX)
Systemic Infection
Bread and Water (from TX)
Skarp (from WA)
Kung Fu Rick

Sunday evening - 6:00 PM
La Mantra de Fhiqria
Fourth Rotor
+ Lots More !!!